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I would like to welcome you to La Mare De Carteret High School. We are an 11-16 high school in the parish of Castel, Guernsey.

It is a privilege to be the Headteacher of La Mare de Carteret High School.  A school which provides the very best in offering all students a personalised learning journey. With excellent teaching and learning, guidance and wellbeing support from our dedicated staff, all of our students will achieve their potential.

Our ethos as a school is to ensure that everyone is given the opportunity to develop their individual talents and aptitudes within and beyond the classroom. High quality teaching and learning is at the core of our ethos and it is delivered by dedicated, professional, specialist teachers. We believe that our students have the right to expect the highest quality of education. La Mare de Carteret High School is a vibrant, caring and supportive community that equips students with the best possible preparation to succeed in the future. As a result our students take advantage of opportunities to study, have new experiences, develop new skills, form lasting friendships and achieve academic success and healthy wellbeing. We expect our students to experience leadership skills, resilience and to develop the character skills for life beyond and after their time at La Mare de Carteret.

I look forward to the continuing collaborative partnership within the Guernsey federation, between students, staff, parents, and the community in order to support our objective of providing students with the best experience they can have during their school years at La Mare de Carteret High School.

Attend, Aspire, Achieve.

Vicky Godley