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Childline Launches New App 'For Me'

for meCreated by young people, for young people.  'For Me' was created by 4 teenagers who realised there was an urgent need for young people to have easy access to confidential advice and support. Click to download.

Upcoming Parental Forum

Wednesday 22nd March at 6.30pm.  The agenda for the forum will be Acedemic Mentoring Feedback and is led by Mr D Cleary and Miss J Divers.  Parents of all La Mare de Carteret High students are welcome.

Parental Workshops Autumn 2017

For information on upcoming parental workshops click here

Validation Report (click to view full report)

Validation report: La Mare de Carteret High School
Validation dates: 8 February 2016

Here are the evaluations for La Mare de Carteret High School.

Improvements in performance Good
Learners’ experiences Very good
Teaching for effective learning Very good
Meeting learning needs Very good
Improvement through self-evaluation Very good
Leadership of improvement and change Very good