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To enable all students to access art through a comprehensive curriculum, that inspires, intrigues and develops their imagination.


 wallKey Stage 3

During Key Stage 3 we flourish on planting the seeds of creativity and imagination, and we allow the students the freedom to let their ideas germinate.  Read more…


homeHow to help your child at KS3

Even if you don’t have formal training or special talent, you can still nurture the arts in your child. Encourage your child to;
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Students will follow the OCR GCSE in Art & Design qualification for either Art or Photography. Read more…


pebblesHow to help your child achieve success at KS4

Creativity is a key component of health and happiness.  Encourage your child to:-

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materialStaff who teach Art at La Mare de Carteret High School 

Miss D. Shillingford – Head of Department
Mrs W. Shapcott

paintboxWe have high expectations for all our children and young people

“We are a lively, creative, dynamic and passionate department with high expectations.”
See how the Art & Design curriculum enables students.