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Art & Design

To enable all students to access art through a comprehensive curriculum, that inspires, intrigues and develops their imagination.

 “We are a lively, creative, dynamic and passionate department with high expectations.”

Key Stage 3


During Key Stage 3 we flourish on planting the seeds of creativity and imagination, and we allow the students the freedom to let their ideas germinate. For example, when we demonstrate to students’ simple techniques we explain the fundamental process and then elaborate on ways this could be explored. This allows the students to learn the correct procedures, but gives them the freedom to work outside the boundaries and to experiment freely. As a department we pride ourselves in providing students with the opportunities to learn new skills whilst promoting the confidence to make and learn from their mistakes. We encourage all students to achieve their best regardless of ability. We cover a wide range of materials to include:

Mixed Media
Papier Mache
Wire Sculpture

The students will have the opportunity to work independently and collaboratively in a range of projects. These projects will promote an understanding of local heritage and community, as well as encouraging students to appreciate and value images and artefacts across times and cultures. Students will be able to show their initiative and problem solving skills by working through the design process. The course is designed to develop confidence, competence, imagination and creativity. Students will learn to:

Develop Ideas through:

Investigating a chosen theme and producing title pages, spider diagrams and mood boards
Researching and presenting relevant information on an artist, designer, style, movement or culture as a means of inspiration
Developing critical and evaluative skills based on their own and others’ work
Becoming more confident in the use of specialist vocabulary

Explore and Refine Ideas through:

Experimenting with a variety of media, materials, techniques and processes
Becoming more confident in taking and accepting risks to modify and refine ideas

Record Ideas through:

Producing a variety of observational drawings using primary and secondary resources
Using a broad range of media to develop technical skill
Developing technical skills to enhance increasing knowledge and understanding of set media

Present a Response through:    

Problem solving independently and collaboratively
Producing a final outcome in 2D, 3D or new technologies


We use a diverse range of assessment strategies to enable students to communicate in different ways both written and verbally. These are as follows:

Students will self-assess themselves to promote self-awareness; they will self-reflect on their level of effort and standard of work produced.

Students will peer-assess others’ work; they will develop their respect of others by communicating feedback in a sensitive and constructive manner.

Students will receive teacher feedback that provides students with positive praise and thorough next steps on how to make further progress. Furthermore, students are given time to act upon the advice given to achieve a higher level.

At the end of each project students complete an evaluation sheet; this allows them to display specialist vocabulary they have learnt, to comment on the project they have just completed, to set themselves SMART targets for the next project and to self-evaluate their effort, level and grade they should be awarded.

How to help your child at KS3

Encourage your child to:-

accept mistakes as part of the learning process
talk to you about the artists and cultures they are learning about
practice their art skills
to think creatively and independently
appreciate the creative arts
have high standards to further progress

Key Stage 4


At Key Stage 4 students will follow the OCR GCSE in Art & Design qualification, which is one of the UK’s leading exam boards.  The specification builds upon the prior knowledge, skills and understanding gained at Key Stage 3 and it is designed to further enhance the student’s ability to use a variety of materials, media, techniques and processes in a creative and imaginative way.

Art students will have the opportunity to explore the following areas:

Land art

Photography students will have the opportunity to explore the following areas:

Documentary Photography
Studio Photography
Location Photography
Experimental imagery
Moving Images, Film, Video and Animation


For both Art and Photography the qualification are split into two components:

Component 01: Coursework Portfolio worth 60%

Students must produce work in response to the exciting theme that they are given at the start of the Autumn Term.

Component 02: Externally Set Exam worth 40%

In the January of Year 11 students will receive an exam paper that will contain five themes. From these, one option must be selected by the student on which they must respond to, by producing a mini unit of work in a set amount of time. At the end of this set time frame students will sit a supervised 10-hour exam where they will complete a final outcome for their chosen theme.

How to help your child achieve success at KS4

Encourage your child to

Manage their time effectively
Be organised
Attend extra-revision sessions
e confident to make and learn from their mistakes
Be creative, to develop ideas and to solve problems
Produce work to the best of their ability and to have a determined attitude to reach high standards of work

Staff who teach Art at La Mare de Carteret High School 

Miss D. Shillingford – Head of Department
Mrs W. Shapcott

We have high expectations for all our children and young people

The Art & Design curriculum enables them to become:

are we trying
to achieve?
Responsible citizensEffective contributorsSuccessful learnersConfident Individuals

Examples of how the curriculum enables student’s to achieve these characteristics:
Through activities within Art & Design students will become responsible citizens who can:

Explore ethical questions

Respond to personal & social issues

Develop stances and views
Value the experiences of the variety of cultural identities

Recognise the importance of art within the local community of Guernsey and the Bailiwick.

Work safely with specialist equipment
Through activities within Art & Design students will become effective contributors who can:

Develop and express their creativity

Work collaboratively

Communicate with others

Express their feelings and opinions about their own and others work

Show initiative, dependability, leadership and enterprise
Through Art & Design students will become successful learners who can:

Express themselves

Think innovatively

Meet challenges positively

Find imaginative solutions to problems

Develop their knowledge and understanding of media, techniques & processes

Learn from their mistakes
Through Art & Design students will become confident individuals by developing their:






Own ideas

Ability to take creative risks