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Vision – to ensure language is similar & ensure the whole school aligns to our core purposes of Bailiwick curriculum

Confident individuals
Successful learners
Responsible citizens
Effective contributors

Key Stage 3 overview skills

CIAEG is not taught until the start of Year 9. Students are taught in their Form groups by the Head of Careers.
Students are encouraged to contribute to oral discussion and respect one another’s opinions. They are taught how to seek information and how to interpret what they find. All students are asked to reflect on their respective strengths and to consider their preferences when it comes to making decisions. Students are helped develop their self-confidence so that they can make informed decisions about making option choices.

Key assessment points

There are no National Curriculum Levels applicable to the work covered in CEIAG. Engagement is key and students have end of term assessments based on certain tasks – e.g. – investigation of a certain job. Students are told whether their work and work rate is acceptable and are given advice on what they must do to improve.

Key Stage 4 overview skills inc. exam syllabus

At key stage 4 students follow the AQA Level 1 / 2 Certificate in Preparation For Working Life 4801/2 ( information relating to this course can be found at – http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/work-and-life-skills/aqa-certificate/preparation-for-working-life-short-course-4800
In Year 10 students develop knowledge and skills to allow them to make informed choices related to their work experience placements. Work experience is currently undertaken in May. By this date all students will have completed units of work covering : Filling in application forms; writing a business letter; preparing a Curriculum Vitae and Personal Statement; completed a unit of work preparing for an interview.
In Year 11 students have an in depth Post 16 options programme which includes presentations from both the College of Further Education and the Grammar School 6th Form Centre; presentations from the Guernsey Apprenticeship manager; visits to specific departments at College and a general visit to the sixth form centre. All students have the opportunity to have an individual guidance meeting with a Guernsey Careers Advisor
(currently Mr Sean Parry)
All students have to complete their Post 16 application forms by the first week of March. Students considering a course at either the College of Further Education of the Grammar School 6th Form Centre must first have had a formal meeting with respective staff. Students seeking employment are encouraged to make contact with various employers at the Careers show ( April)

Key assessment points

All aspects of work relating to work experience preparation are assessed e.g. C.V.s
Students are expected to produce such documentation to business standards
Reports from the majority of employers and all teaching staff supervising students on work experience are completed.
Year 11 students sit a Mock exam in November each year. Intervention is then put in place to support students following the publication of results (January). Students are able to achieve two grades: Level 2 ( equivalent to ½ GCSE at Grade ‘C’); Level 1 (equivalent to ½ GCSE at Grade ‘D’)

How you can help your child?

Encourage students to communicate their thoughts at an early age
Discuss different possibilities for work experience
Attend all parents evenings together
Help your child investigate Post 16 courses
Utilise the Guernsey Careers website together


Staff who teach Careers at La Mare de Carteret High School :
Head of Department – Mr. E. Davies

We have high expectations for all our children and young people.

The Careers curriculum enables them to become:

What are we trying to acheive?Responsible CitizensEffective ContributorsSuccessful LearnersConfident Individuals

Examples of how the curriculum enables student’s to achieve these characteristics:
Students plan, research, choose and prepare for their work experience week in Year 10Students use a variety of resources to research a job of their choice and present this information in any way they see fit to a chosen audienceStudents engage in the AQA Preparation For Working Life
(4800) Certificate which concentrates on issues relating to the world of work and employability skills
Students prepare for interviews by ensuring that any documentation required e.g. C.V. / Personal Statement is produced to the highest standard