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Shakespeare Festival TV Interview

Shakespeare Festival TV Interview

La Mare De Carteret Performing Arts Department is extremely proud of its contributions to the life of the school and the wider community. Β The department prides itself on engaging all students through a variety of areas, from stage management to whole-school productions. Β La Mare De Carteret High School was the first to participate in the Shakespeare School’s Festival which has proved a popular and successful part of school life.

Teachers of Performing Arts aim to:-

  • Teach Drama as a subject in its own right includes many of its forms, genres and histories.
  • Develop emotional literacy and sensitivity in all students through issue-based drama work.
  • Spark creative thinking and practical response from a range of stimuli in the form of both improvisation andΒ role play.
  • Enable students to enjoy drama through active participation and allow them a sense of ownership of work.
  • Promote literacy in Drama through performing scripted work as well as enabling the students to develop their own scripted pieces.
  • To allow students to develop their own social and cultural ideologies based on the drama they see or take part in.

    Our Amazing Cast and Crew

    Our Amazing Cast and Crew

  • To develop β€˜life’ skills such as speaking and listening (dovetailing with the English National Curriculum), presentation, communication and performance, skills that are transferable from the classroom to the wider community.
  • To develop teamwork and collaborative skills when working in pairs or small groups with a wide range of their peers.
  • To promote the use of ICT in the classroom.
  • To develop an analytical approach to drama, in terms of content, dialogue and aesthetic.
  • To provide a foundation for GCSE (Edexcel) Drama.

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Staff who teach Performing Arts at La Mare de Carteret High School:

Mrs D Furness – Head of Department
Mr J Dodd

We have high expectations for all our children and young people.

Β The Performing Arts (Music and Drama) curriculum enables them to become:

are we trying
to achieve?
Responsible citizensEffective contributorsSuccessful learnersConfident Individuals

Examples of how the curriculum enables student’s to achieve these characteristics:

Students partake in a range of rehearsals, both in class and outside. This requires students to work as a team, to contribute and rely on each other.

There are a number of roles, from both the technical and performance aspect and students work collaboratively to support one another in rehearsal and performance.

Working as an ensemble, students perform music and drama within rehearsal and performance.

All students take on roles whether on stage, technical, musical or directorial.

All devised drama work relies on contributions from a group.

Musical rehearsals combine skills of practice and group work.
Students gain skills that they will ultimately use in the Performing Arts Industry. This can mean taking their learning further into a stage play, musical or concert.

Students may also take Drama and Music as a passion to enjoy further as a hobby or career.

Students may win competitions or take examinations further in Music and Drama.

Performance delivers opportunities to gain confidence in front of an audience. We regularly present showcases of student work to a public audience.

Class work always contains aspects of performance, review and self/peer evaluation.

Skills gained across Music and Drama improves student confidence across a wide range of skills outside of the classroom.