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poetEnglish Overview

The English department strives to use innovative and exciting methods to engage our students.  Read more…


pen2Key Stage 3 Curriculum

Click here to view the current curriculum


box booksKey Stage 3 Assessment

Click here to view assessment information


spoiralNovels Studied in Key Stage 3

We stock a wide range of fiction in the English dept to suit all ability ranges. Read more…


dictionaryThe Key Stage 4 English Curriculum

La Mare de Carteret High School provides two routes to achieving a GCSE in the subject.  Read more…


revisionRevision Guides

English Literacy Conflict Poetry Revision Guide Click here
English Unit 1 Revision Guide Click here


osThe Rules of the English Classroom

In the English Dept all staff adhere to the ‘Ready to Learn’ School Behaviour Policy. Read more…


speakEnrichment in English

Opportunities include English Speaking Board, Youth Speaks and Schools Shakespeare Festival.  Read more…


heart booksStaff who Teach English at La Mare de Carteret High School :

Mr G. Thomas – Head of Department
Miss S. Devoil – 2nd in English
Miss J. Mckeown, Mrs K. Vaudin
Miss L. Roddis, Mrs A. Keeling
Mrs L. Adkins

butterflyWe have high expectations for all our children and young people

See how the English curriculum enables students to become:



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