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createWhat is Graphic Design?

Graphic designers work with printed media, such as text and graphics. Graphic design is all around us.  Read more…

 colaWhat is a Graphic Product?

A graphic product is a work of art that is made to serve a certain function, e.g. a logo, an eBook, some packaging or even a poster.  Read more…


cad camKS4 – Graphics G.C.S.E.

The work in Graphic Products allows students to develop their graphic and modelling skills learnt at KS3 level.  Read more…



Design & Technology: Graphic Products (GCSE)

Graphic Products GCSE is a two-year course suited to all students.  Read more…


choc2Project – Year 8 Design Brief

Design the packaging for a delicious new chocolate bar brand.
Read more…


idea cogHomework Schedule

Year 7 Graphics Click here
Year 8 Graphics Click here
Year 9 Graphics Click here


petalTeachers who teach Graphics at La Mare de Carteret High School are:

Mrs R. Van Der Linden


origamiWe have high expectations for all our children and young people

See how the Graphics curriculum enables students