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History KS3


KS3 History at La Mare is where students learn to enjoy and be therefore motivated to study the past. History also allows students to build up and develop their knowledge and understanding of historical events and peoples while also developing the skills which will see them have a greater understanding of the world in the past and how this has affected the present. Throughout this key stage there is a clear focus on developing skills in preparation for higher study at GCSE. This includes projects and investigations to encourage independent learning, structure and organisation of historical answers and the key language features required for success in History.

Furthermore to provide students with stimulating, engaging lessons to fuel their enjoyment and interest in History and to build on their knowledge base. Therefore in doing so we aim to maintain and develop our popularity at GCSE and in KS3, with staff and students who aspire to push themselves to achieve their best.


Students in KS3 study a wide variety of History. I Year 7 the key skills are those of Continuity and Change through time, Chronology, and starting to develop an understanding of Cause and Consequence, through the topics of; The living conditions of people through time; The Importance of William the Conqueror, Guernsey’s French history, The Native Peoples of North America and The mystery of Richard 111 and the Princes in the Tower.

Students in Year 8 focus on the development of long and short term Cause and Consequence, identifying Turning Points and Trends through History and understanding Evidence linked to Nature, Origin and Purpose. The main areas of study are the History of Britain’s Entertainment through time; Fire and Plague; Elizabeth 1- Power and Portraits; Famous people and the Hall of Fame and World war One.

Students in Year 9 focus on building on the skills from years 7 and 8. These will be extended to include Cross Referencing, supported Arguments and Evidential answers. They will also be learning to Evaluate differing Interpretations of Evidence and considering Propaganda and Prejudice.  The main areas of study are Genocide Through History; The Occupation of Guernsey and the impact on people; Titanic and Jack the Ripper and the Rise of the Hitler and the Nazi’s.

In each of the years 7-9 students will also complete an Independent Home Study Unit.


Students are formally assessed twice a term. These tasks are using the skills and knowledge from the previous half terms work. Pieces are levelled, with students being offered support to improve their learning. This support includes frames to support writing, levels guides to help reach their targets and regular verbal and written feedback. Levels for assessments are recorded on the front of each students’ book.

There is also an exam in each of the years to determine students’ progress towards their target.

How to help your child

Encourage your child to research independently historical events they are studying

Check that they are completing the homework tasks on Show My Homework

Support the progress of their Independent Homework project and sign the project sheet each week

Encourage your child to show you their work and to check carefully pieces before they are handed in.

KS4 History



KS4 History at La Mare De Carteret is for students to develop a more analytical and evaluative approach to History.  Having mastered the skills from KS3 and be encouraged to extend these to include an understanding of different perspectives and views of History, the capability to cross-reference effectively and to interpret historical actions and reactions, questioning their own work and empathising with those who are part of world History. This will enable them to look beyond the obvious, to ask, analyse and evaluate the past and through this to challenge and develop their future.

Furthermore it is our aim to provide students with stimulating, engaging lessons to fuel their enjoyment and interest in History and to build on their knowledge base. Therefore in doing so we aim to maintain and develop our popularity at GCSE, with staff and students who aspire to push themselves to achieve their best.

KS4 Overview

Students currently complete the New OCR School’s History Project 1-9. This includes 3 formal examinations in the June of Year 11, one of which is based on a local study.

Key areas of study for year 10 are: A thematic study- The people’s Health; A British Depth Study- The Elizabethans 1580-1603 and a Study of castle Cornet.

Key areas of study for Year 11 are: A Period Study- The Making of America 1770-1900 and a World Study- Living Under the Nazi’s 1933-45



There are graded pieces of work completed continually through the two year course with at least two in each term formally recorded. In year 10 there will be a mock exam, reflecting the Year 10 program of study. Year 11 includes a further mock exam and three final exams in the summer.

This current GCSE will change in the September of 2016.  Further information on the New Specification and course to be added.

How to help your child

  1. Encourage them to attend afterschool and holiday revision sessions
  2. Make sure they complete homework from Show My Homework. Homework is set weekly
  3. Encourage your child to revise and revisit work throughout the two years to help prepare for exams

Staff who teach History at La Mare De Carteret High School:
Mrs J. Champion – Head of Department
Mr D. Cleary

We have high expectations for all our children and young people.

The HISTORY curriculum enables them to become: This was designed with input from Courtney Spicer, History Prefect 2107

What are we trying to achieveResponsible CitizensEffective ContributorsSuccessful LearnersConfident Individuals

Examples of how the curriculum enables student’s to achieve these characteristics:
Prefect Duties: A Year 11 student has helped to design this information sheet, helped at Open Evening and judged History House Competitions amongst other duties.

Through new courses in KS3 students gain a wider understanding of their island and how that impacts on it today.

In Year 7 they look at the links and connections with France, whilst in Year 9 there is a new look at the occupation and its impact on the island.
Group challenges enable students to add to lessons and homework challenges.

Peer assessment of work improves the level of understanding of Historical answers and helps their own and peer’s work.

Studies Through Time like Year 7 ‘Poo’s and Loo’s’ engages students and creates an atmosphere where they want to learn.

Students contribute to their own learning through individual target setting and decisions on the next steps to achieving these.
Year 7 Castle Design Project: A creative way of showing the changing style of castles and warfare.

Year 7-9: Independent Homework Study enables students to develop their own way of learning and choose a theme within a topic. It involves research, presentation and creativity.

Year 7: An individual in History
Year 8: An aspect of World War One.
Year 9: Jack The Ripper - an aspect of Victorian Britain.
Presentations to their peers

Questioning skills - helping to build on the answers of others in the class.

Skills needed for GCSE are mastered in KS3. This enables students. From year 7 they are already becoming KS4 learners.

This all helps to create a can do approach to learning.




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