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Physical Education

Please click this link to view the New PE kit for Year 7 students starting in September

Please click this link to view the Extra Curricular PE Opportunities for boys and girls

Introduction to the subject

Year 9 Football Team

Year 9 Football Team


  • To enable every child to reach his/her optimum level of physical and skill development.
  • To encourage fitness for life, by regular sports participation post 16
  • To introduce a wide range of sporting activities which success and enjoyment can be achieved in and out of school time.
  • Learn and develop positive and socially acceptable attitudes towards participation in a physical activity.

Through participation in the activity areas prescribed by the national Curriculum: Athletics, Swimming, Gymnastics/Dance, Outdoor Activities, and Games, pupils will be given the opportunity to:-

  • Improve and/or maintain fitness (speed, strength, flexibility and endurance.)
  • Learn and consolidate new skills.
  • Learn to analyse their own performance and the performance of others.
  • Learn and understand rules and tactics of different sports.
  • Understand safety and prevention of injury with reference to:
    • a) Warming up for and recovery from exercise
    • b) The correct and efficient use of the body during physical activity particularly when involved in contact sports.
  • Appreciate the importance of hard work and perseverance.
  • Appreciate fair play: honest competition, good sportsmanship and pride in performance.
  • Experience competition, co-operation and team work.

GCSE Physical Education Information
Basic Entry Requirements

  • An excellent record of participation in all curriculum sports at Key Stage 3.
  • A good level of personal organisation. (kit)
  • A willingness and commitment to represent the school in all areas.
  • An understanding that the course is classroom based for half of the time.

This course is a Theory and a Practical course. 40% of your final grade comes from your exam. 60% of your final grade comes from practical assessments.

Theory (40%)

You will take a Two Hour exam in May 2013. This will be on the following topics which you will cover in classroom lessons including:-

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Training Methods
  • Injury
  • Fitness Components
  • Diet
  • Media in Sport

Practical (60%)
You will be assessed in a wide range of sports. You can be graded on your ability to:-

  • Play/Perform
  • Organise a tournament/competition
  • Coach (going into The Primary School)
  • Officiate

We will choose your best 4 practical grades to make your final grade.

Help with GCSE students in their revision for future exams.

Staff who teach Physical Education at La Mare de Carteret High School:
Mr S. Lee:  Head of Department
Mrs K. Vaudin
Mrs J. Heaume
Mr W. Starbuck
Mr J. Dodd


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