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Religious Education

Section 1: Religious Studies has two attainment objectives:

(i) LEARNING ABOUT RELIGION: This focuses on knowledge about different religions and their particular beliefs about issues from life after death, worship, war, medical ethics or animal rights, amongst others.
(ii) LEARNING FROM RELIGION: This encourages the learner to reflect on religious ideas and beliefs as those mentioned above and give their own personal view point with regard to them. It requires reflection, criticism and the ability to give an educated balanced view.

1) KS3:Christianity and comparative religions.
Topics that are taught to Years 7 and 8 include:
‘What does it mean to be human/religious? ‘What is it to be a Hindu?’ Why do people suffer? How did the world begin? War and Peace.

In Year 9 we begin to lay the foundations for KS4 by introducing students to some of the topics that will be covered in Years 10 and 11 GCSE short courses. These include The Sanctity of life-why is life special? Do animals have rights? Religious attitudes to crime and punishment.

2) KS4: Two short courses.
In these GCSE short courses students study a number of topics, engage with the key facts, discuss their views and the views of others and consider how two world religions (Christianity and other religions) have responded to these issues.

3) In Year 10 students study for the GCSE short course in ‘Religion and Morality’ with the AQA exam board, Syllabus B. They take the exam in June of Year 10. This includes units such as religious attitudes to crime and punishment, drug abuse, elderly and death, matters of life (medical ethics), rich and poor in Britain and world poverty.

In Year 11 students study for the GCSE short course in Religion and Life issues’ with the AQA exam board, syllabus B. They take the exam in June of Year 11. This includes units such as Religion and animal rights, planet earth, prejudice, early life, war and peace and young people.

The 2 shorts courses can be accredited as the equivalent of 1 GCSE.

4) Home work for Key Stage 4 is set every week and every 2 weeks for Key Stage 3 when RE is not part of a cross-curricular home learning project.

Teachers who teach Religious Studies at La Mare de Carteret High School are:
Ms. M. Haigh-McGarry: (Head of Department)
Mr. D. Cleary

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