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💬 'Niks always has a positive attitude towards everything and is always willing to challenge himself.' #YoungAchiever #PrideOfGuernsey Retweeted by La Mare High School 4 weeks ago

test Twitter Media - 💬 'Niks always has a positive attitude towards everything and is always willing to challenge himself.' #YoungAchiever #PrideOfGuernsey https://t.co/GBjUp0ltlB

Amazing leadership from Vicky Godley. She has created a vision & a school full of leaders. Privilege to be led by someone who cares as much twitter.com/lamarehighscho… Retweeted by La Mare High School 2 months ago

A privilege teach students like Niks! A role model to all students who always goes above & beyond in school!👍👏 @LamareHighSchoo @LMDCHSCA twitter.com/GuernseySports… Retweeted by La Mare High School 4 weeks ago

Student Leadership

Students are the most important stakeholders in our school as it is their future success that drives what we do. We aim to harness the energy, passion and ideas of each student for them to fully reach their potential. We recognise that their potential will be enhanced by giving learners opportunities to take the lead in areas of the core business of the school. To create successful people we recognise that students must be given opportunities to grow in maturity through experiencing democracy in action, decision making and ultimately becoming responsible citizens.

Our students possess incredible inner resources and human capital that we must unlock. Far from being vessels waiting to be filled, they have endless potential for contributing to a rich, diverse school environment. We are dedicated to establishing a culture of student leadership as both a means of personal and institutional growth for students and the school.


1. To develop student engagement in the life of the school

2. To promote active citizenship by appointing a functioning democratic body

3. To cultivate student leadership of learning

4. To embed a system for student input on pastoral matters

5. To empower students to play a role in school improvement


Head Boy and Girl The Head Boy and Girl are significant role models for all students and embody the values of the school. These students carry a symbolic importance in representing the school at high profile public events, school tours and through media engagements.

JLT Member

The Junior Leadership Team (JLT) is the core student leader group for the school. The JLT will consist of the deputy head boy and girls from across the school.


Prefects are ambassadors for their key area and role models for all students. Prefects will be appointed at the conclusion of the academic year. They will be selected following an interview and application process.

Form representative

Form representatives are responsible for acting as the voice for their tutor group. Each form group will engage in a democratic election to choose their form representative for the academic year in September.

Digital Leader

Digital Leader Digital leaders play a key role in supporting the ICT Department with a wide range of tasks from supervising enrichment to supporting technical developments across the school.


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