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💬 'Niks always has a positive attitude towards everything and is always willing to challenge himself.' #YoungAchiever #PrideOfGuernsey Retweeted by La Mare High School 4 weeks ago

test Twitter Media - 💬 'Niks always has a positive attitude towards everything and is always willing to challenge himself.' #YoungAchiever #PrideOfGuernsey https://t.co/GBjUp0ltlB

Amazing leadership from Vicky Godley. She has created a vision & a school full of leaders. Privilege to be led by someone who cares as much twitter.com/lamarehighscho… Retweeted by La Mare High School 2 months ago

A privilege teach students like Niks! A role model to all students who always goes above & beyond in school!👍👏 @LamareHighSchoo @LMDCHSCA twitter.com/GuernseySports… Retweeted by La Mare High School 4 weeks ago


La Mare De Carteret High School raises aspiration and achievement for all.
We prepare our students for a rapidly changing world by ensuring they are successful learners; confident individuals; responsible citizens and effective contributors.

La Mare students are resilient, self-reliant individuals who succeed today and are ready for tomorrow.
This will be characterised by:
• High standards, outstanding attainment and rapid progress
• Successful learners and high quality teaching
• Positive parent partnership
• An inclusive pastoral system that encourages high aspirations, ensures students are safe and develops confident individuals
• Students who attend are happy and effectively contribute to an engaging and vibrant personalised curriculum
• A professional learning culture where staff seek continuous improvement and share best practice
• Responsible citizens who actively contribute to our community and the wider world


La Mare De Carteret High School is committed to ensuring that all students become confident, effective, successful and responsible contributors to society. CEIAG is essential in ensuring that students will meet the challenges and demands of the 21st Century so that they are imbued with the knowledge, skills and tools to face a complex and challenging future with enthusiasm and confidence. We will ensure that students develop the skills and confidence to make the most of their life chances and enable them to contribute to the community of Guernsey and beyond. CEIAG needs to inform, inspire and motivate people to help make choices and manage transitions. Students must become productive, agile, aspirational and self-supporting as they progress through their lives. No longer is CEIAG about a single event pronouncing what career might suit best, but more about supporting a process.

The CEIAG provision at La Mare de Carteret High School has been developed with our students at the heart of all that we do and comprises an extensive entitlement within the framework of the eight benchmarks outlined in ‘My Future, My Choice, My Island and beyond – 2015 to 2020’:
1. A stable Careers Programme Students at La Mare de Carteret High School will receive curriculum entitlement with a specific timetabled period for Careers in Years 9, 10 and 11. This curriculum entitlement will include structured schemes of learning and topics that will be delivered by the Head of Careers. This area of the curriculum will be overseen and supported by a senior
member of staff. The careers programme will be published on the school website to be available to all stakeholders. The careers programme will be regularly evaluated with feedback from learners, parents, teachers and employers as part of the evaluation process.
2. Learning from Career and Labour Market Information Students at La Mare de Carteret High School will be given personalised information regarding careers paths and the labour market as part of the Year 9 options process to inform their GCSE pathways. As part of this process parents and carers will be encouraged to access and use information about labour markets and future study options to inform their support to their children.
3. Addressing the Needs of Each Learner Students at La Mare de Carteret High School will benefit from a differentiated curriculum throughout their careers education at school inclusive of lessons, interviews and events designed to drive the ambitions and aspirations of each individual so that they never settle for less than their best. The careers department will keep records of individual advice given to each student, and subsequent agreed decisions and students will have access to these records to support their career development. The school will collate destinations data to ensure historic records of pathways are kept and updated.
4. Linking Curriculum to Learning The careers programme will be shared with all departments so that cross-curricular links can be made.
5. Experience of Workplaces Students at La Mare de Carteret High School will access a work experience placement as part of their entitlement that will typically take place as a work experience week in Key Stage 4.
6. Encounters with Further and Higher Education Students at La Mare de Carteret High School will have provision made for them in the form of visits to the Sixth Form Centre, College of Further Education and the Careers Show. In addition, students will have guest speakers, interviews and presentations from relevant post-16 pathway providers during the course of the academic year.
7. Personal Guidance Students at La Mare de Carteret High School will receive timely guidance interviews will a qualified Careers Adviser through Careers Guernsey. Students will also benefit from personalised guidance from the Head of Careers based on the individual needs and aspirations of each student.


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