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Year 7


Joining a new school can be daunting and we do our very best to help students and their families feel welcome and part of our community. We visit our students before they leave their primary schools and we organise Induction Days and events during the summer holidays so that they have a chance to meet and bond with one another. Our pastoral system is firmly rooted in our school vision. At La Mare De Carteret High School we believe in raising aspiration and achievement for all. We prepare our students for a rapidly changing world by ensuring they are successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.


To become effective contributors to our school, all learners must aim to hold attendanceĀ above 100%. We want our students to achieve the best possible results so that they succeedĀ today and are ready for tomorrow.


We work hard to instill within the students good manners, respect and a sense of valuingĀ one another. Ā Above all, we aim to provide our students with a happy and secureĀ environment that will allow them to grow as confident individuals. Our aim is to prepareĀ students for all aspects of life and therefore we place great importance on developingĀ responsible citizens.

Curriculum and Distinction

All Year 7 students are ably supported by a strong pastoral team dedicated to guiding andĀ mentoring students to achieve their aspirational targets. We celebrate hard work,Ā perseverance and encourage high aspirations. Beyond the academic curricula, we provideĀ an exciting range of extra-curricular activities because we want our students to be active,Ā resilient, confident individuals and successful learners. Regular attendance of the extra-curricular activities will help to maximise their potential and help students make newĀ friends.

How you can help your child?

* Aim to read with them for at least 20 minutes a day.

* Talk to your child about their school day.

* Encourage them to attend extra-curricular activities.

* Contact their form tutor to discuss the progress.

* Give them a clear space to complete homework and make sure that they do it!

* Attend Parental Workshops.