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💬 'Niks always has a positive attitude towards everything and is always willing to challenge himself.' #YoungAchiever #PrideOfGuernsey Retweeted by La Mare High School 4 weeks ago

test Twitter Media - 💬 'Niks always has a positive attitude towards everything and is always willing to challenge himself.' #YoungAchiever #PrideOfGuernsey https://t.co/GBjUp0ltlB

Amazing leadership from Vicky Godley. She has created a vision & a school full of leaders. Privilege to be led by someone who cares as much twitter.com/lamarehighscho… Retweeted by La Mare High School 2 months ago

A privilege teach students like Niks! A role model to all students who always goes above & beyond in school!👍👏 @LamareHighSchoo @LMDCHSCA twitter.com/GuernseySports… Retweeted by La Mare High School 4 weeks ago

Year 8

The year 8 pastoral team seeks to foster a sense of community and togetherness whilst instilling the motto in all students that “together we are stronger”. This is a critical time in our students lives as they become teenagers and discover their own identities, identify their strengths and set targets in areas they could improve. These include academic, personal and sporting factors as we feel it is important that our students immerse themselves in the wider community of our school and become part of the very fabric that binds us all together as the La Mare community.


Without doubt the most important factor in the progress and attainment of our children, quite simply, if they are not here, we can’t teach them. All students who achieve 100% attendance are rewarded at the end of each term. Students who make progress on previous terms total or who attend through adverse circumstances are also recognised during our celebration assemblies. If a child feels unwell in the morning, it is best to send them to school as they often pick up after an hour or so. We can always send them home if it is absolutely necessary.


Following the schools ready to learn policy is a basic requirement for our students in year 8 and all students are expected to contribute to a purposeful learning environment. Trying your best is the most we can ask form you and we seek parents support to maximise our chance to achieve this. No students have the right to disrupt the learning of others, or impact on their environment negatively. We reward our students for good behaviour; however, we have sanctions in place for those who challenge our expectations.


Our KS 3 curriculum is challenging and engaging for our students, it enables them to continue to progress in their core subjects. Our students are now becoming more familiar and skilled at the creative subjects and will soon be in a strong position to make the guided option choices which will shape them more a people. They have a diverse range of subjects that will help them to become the well-rounded and successful citizens of the future.


The students take the opportunity to participate in the many different challenges we offer them throughout the year. So far in 2015/16 all year 8 students have participated in a children in need charity fund raising event. Some have taken part in the Du Putron quiz challenge, others are involved in a sailing course designed to build confidence and team building skills. We have a cohort of students who are training as anti-smoking mentors run by the ASSIST programme.
All students are involved in the star reader programme and enjoy quiet reading time during registration time. They are then eligible for awards depending on their progress.

5 Ways to help your child
Attendance- accept nothing less than 100%
Support- teach them to be organised and do homework in good time.
Encourage- them to be involved in the wider school community by joining a team or club.
Be healthy- make sure they get to sleep early, eat a good breakfast and drink lots of water.
Have Fun- we all know that school days are the best days of your life, get them to make memories to last a lifetime.

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