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💬 'Niks always has a positive attitude towards everything and is always willing to challenge himself.' #YoungAchiever #PrideOfGuernsey Retweeted by La Mare High School 4 weeks ago

test Twitter Media - 💬 'Niks always has a positive attitude towards everything and is always willing to challenge himself.' #YoungAchiever #PrideOfGuernsey https://t.co/GBjUp0ltlB

Amazing leadership from Vicky Godley. She has created a vision & a school full of leaders. Privilege to be led by someone who cares as much twitter.com/lamarehighscho… Retweeted by La Mare High School 2 months ago

A privilege teach students like Niks! A role model to all students who always goes above & beyond in school!👍👏 @LamareHighSchoo @LMDCHSCA twitter.com/GuernseySports… Retweeted by La Mare High School 4 weeks ago

Year 9

We are absolutely committed to the principle that every child matters, every day.  We recognise the importance of the individual, but at the same time are sympathetic and understanding of the needs of others. We understand that a strong ethos and culture at school plays a significant role in shaping the future lives of our students. 

In recent years the school has recognised that our young people are moving into a world which is fast changing and is, in many ways, significantly more challenging than the one we faced as adults.  With support from home and the wider community we will work to ensure that students’ in year 9 become effective contributors, responsible citizens, confident individuals and successful learners.

La Mare De Carteret High School has invested heavily in developing extremely effective and skilled pastoral and welfare teams.  Together they perform a central role within the lives of our students.

The schools aims with regards to year 9 are as follows:


100% attendance will give the best chance of success, particularly moving towards GCSE’s in Year 10.

Attendance at extra- curricular provisions will discover individual passions and develop a range of characteristics such as resilience, initiative, creativity, perseverance, self-confidence and the ability to work in a team.


Good behaviour, consideration and respect for others are the essential building blocks for personal development and teaching and learning.

As students prepare for year 10 they are expected to model excellent behaviour and support for lower school students.


Students are supported and happy, with staff who go that extra mile.

Students achieve great results, take responsibility for their learning and achieve their personal best.

Students and supported and guided to choose GCSE and vocational courses that will suit and fulfil lifetime ambitions and success.

A willingness to take risks, to question and to debate, and to persevere in the face of difficulty.


Reward behaviour, attendance, progress and works within the wider community.

We listen to members of the year group to find ways to best motivate and support hard work and achievement.

Support towards GCSE’s

Make a list of their subjects, talk about ones enjoyed, succeeding in and ones that may support future education, training and recruitment.

Make space for a quiet environment to complete homework and make sure that they do it, checking Show my Homework.

Conversations are welcomed with Miss Meredith, Head of Year, tutors and Mr Davies (Head of Careers) over option guidance for year 10.

We are only a phone call or email away.


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