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May 2024

07 May
Guernesiais - faut l’Découvri, l’Célébraï, le R’nouvelaï: Guernesiais – let’s discover, celebrate and renew

Guernesiais - faut l’Découvri, l’Célébraï, le R’nouvelaï:  Guernesiais – let’s discover, celebrate and renew 


The Guernsey Language Commission would like to invite colleagues to its inaugural event on Saturday 10th February at St Martins Community Centre between 2PM and 4PM. 

This will be an afternoon to celebrate Guernesiais, to raise awareness of Guernsey’s officially recognised language and to promote the work of the Guernsey Language Commission. Everyone who has an interest in discovering more about Guernesiais or who would like to become involved is welcome, whether or not they can speak the language. 
The event will celebrate how Guernesiais is used today. As well as a forum for the Commission to provide an update on its work, several artisan stalls and organisations who regularly use Guernesiais in their products or businesses will have their goods on display. Refreshments will also be available. 
The event will take place on 10th February at St Martins Community Centre, between 2PM and 4PM.  ‘Milleaux souhaits’ (best regards) Guernsey Language Commission LBG 


16 May
Gisele Jones Selected for Regional Netball Tournament

Guernsey's sporting community is celebrating the fantastic achievement of Gisele Jones, a talented young netball player who has been selected to compete in the upcoming regional netball tournament in the UK! This is a major accomplishment for Gisele, as she is one of only two goal shooters chosen for the Guernsey side.

Gisele's dedication and skill on the court have clearly impressed the selectors. Her ability to find the net consistently will be crucial for the Guernsey team's success in the tournament. Playing as a goal shooter requires a combination of agility, accuracy, and a strategic understanding of the game. Gisele's talent in these areas has no doubt been instrumental in her selection.

This opportunity to compete at a regional level is a fantastic chance for Gisele to develop her skills further and gain valuable experience playing against other talented athletes. It is also a great honour to represent Guernsey on the national stage. The entire Guernsey community will be behind Gisele and the Guernsey netball team as they compete in the upcoming tournament.

22 May
Year 10 student is winner of the Youth Contribution Award

Last night George Fern was announced as the winner of the Youth contribution award.

Director Chris Corbin praised George's enthusiasm, boundless energy and praised how much he has matured over the season to become a valued member of the team.

As a proud community club, Guernsey FC is always looking to foster young talent off the pitch as well as on it. George Fern has become a familiar voice this season, with his commentary, matchday announcements and interviews, and it may surprise you to know that despite his assured and knowledgeable style, he is still a mere fifteen years of age.

We caught up with George a few weeks ago and turned the tables on him to see how he fared as interviewee for a change.

Here is what he had to share with us.

My first memory of Guernsey Football Club was I think the day after I moved to the island, and my Mum's friend had gifted me with a Guernsey FC kit. It was way too big for me, but I always used to put it on even though it would go down to my knees. I always dreamed of maybe getting involved somehow one day, and now it's happened!

Football was a big part of my life before I moved here as well, so it was great to come down and watch GFC with my Dad. We used to enjoy the games together. Now I'm playing such a big role in this special football club, it just feels great, looking back at all the photos of me at different ages in various different GFC kits. Having started off just watching, I'm so happy now to be involved in such a big way, and it's something I definitely want to carry on doing.

We've seen this season people like Jacques Cauvin who have made the journey from watching the game to playing their part on the pitch, and I'm proud to be in a similar situation behind the scenes. It's part of what makes this community-led football club so special. If you look at the talent that's coming through, and people like Jack Griffin, and of course Alex Scott flying high in the Premier League, it's just brilliant. There are other stories too like Doddsy making the transition from fan to award-winning player, not just him but others too going from boys to men and holding their own out on the pitch, showing what they can do, and it's just really special seeing these lads aspiring to do something and then coming through the ranks and grabbing that opportunity. I want to do something like that one day too.

Last season I had been asking for a while if I could be involved with the commentary and my first match on the mic was a night game. I remember it really clearly, although actually I'm not sure who we were playing, I think it was Hanworth Villa. I paired up with a pal of mine, Jack Sylvester, and I think we had dropped the club a text when we knew the regular commentator was not going to be available. We were buzzing! Funnily enough the other day I was looking at the Tweet that Olly Tracey put out about it! Looking at where we were to where I am now, it just feels incredible. I've honestly always wanted to get involved in commentary - I mean, if you ask anyone that I've watched the football with on tv, they'll say I sometimes like to do a little bit of commentary of my own over the top!

It's been wonderful that the Leonard Acott Foundation has come along and sponsored Guernsey FC Television this year. It's been fortunate for the club but also a dream come true for me to have this opportunity to get involved and even go to commentate on games in the UK thanks to their generosity. It's been such a great experience and a learning curve for what might come in the future. I really hope the Leonard Acott Foundation continues to support GFCtv, because everyone loves it, and on a personal level I really hope I get the opportunity to carry on and build on what I've learnt already this season. It would mean so much to me.

It's just incredible, and my heartfelt thanks go out to all the sponsors and everyone that assists us in keeping this club running. When you look around the stadium and see all these sponsor boards, and everyone that's here to help Guernsey FC, it's really special. We're a small community-run club, and so all the people who put the money in and help us in other ways however they possibly can, that support really makes so much of a difference. The amount of people we have at events that want to support the club and want to get involved, it's incredible, and especially for young people like myself. It's something that we really need people to carry on doing because it's so good for us and really helps us to get to where we want to be.

While we're talking about gratitude, I have some more important thank yous I'd like to mention at this point. Firstly, Tony Vance has been really influential for me and it really helps to have someone like him in and around to help me out. He's always encouraging me to build on where I want to be when I'm older, which ideally would be journalism and sports journalism, and it's really good that he's had the patience to put in so much time to work with me. Even when we might have suffered a frustrating loss, he will still always make the time to come over and have a conversation with me, which is really good and I do so appreciate what he's doing, and what he's done for me. And Nic Legg [Director and Communications Manager, as if he needs an introduction!] of course as well, he's great! All the work and time he puts into this football club is absolutely incredible. To see the amount of effort he's willing to put into the next generation to help them and to keep this club moving forward, and the way he handles everything, I find it very inspiring. He's what drives me to want to be the best version of myself in this football club.

We're talking ahead of the Binfield game. They're a really in-form side at the moment and have made some massive changes since the last time we played them, where Jack Griffin scored our last-minute winner. We've lost six games in a row at the moment so it's incredibly important to turn things around. We've been on a bumpy run and unfortunately results have not gone our way. I mean if you look at the Westfield game, I thought we started very well and went ahead, but then we dropped that lead. To be honest this Binfield game is probably going to be up there with the hardest ones this season because we've played clubs like Chertsey, Raynes Park, Hanworth Villa, and they've all been difficult games in their own ways, but now we're coming up against a club like Binfield that are wanting this as much as us and they're fighting to stay up. We're in a bit more of a comfortable position than them thankfully, but it's definitely not the end of the road yet, we're not out of the tunnel. I'd like to think I'm fairly confident though. I've seen the line-up today and I think it's looking pretty positive. We've got the team out there that can go and do the job so hopefully the boys will get out there and really have their game heads on.

We started this season really well here with a 3-1 win but then went on a run of about seven or eight defeats, and now we're in another bad run. It looks like we're struggling badly, and yet in many ways it's been a really positive season in terms of the new players coming through and the spirit in the group. We've also got the excitement of moving to a new ground in hopefully only a year's time. If you look at the games we've played and the results we've had on paper, the scorelines have definitely not been a fair reflection of the performances that the boys have been putting in.

One thing I love about Guernsey Football Club is, when those players walk out onto that pitch and they're wearing the badge, they're there to do a job and they know that. You can have a laugh, you can mess around in the dressing room but when they're on the pitch the boys are like a completely different set of lads. They know what they're doing, they're there to get the job done and, if I'm honest with you, that needs to carry on because at the minute we've got quite a young side out, then we've got the older boys like Merris, Loaring, Allen, but the young lads are really starting to get the best out of those boys. You've seen how Ross Allen and Matt Loaring especially have been such key players this season, and also Dave Merris getting himself a goal, and even Jamie scoring too, although it's unfortunate we're missing him at the moment, but I think the boys really do show what Guernsey Football Club is all about.

Talking of Matt Loaring, if he scores today that will take him level with his previous best-ever scoring tally for a season, which is really impressive and shows he's still got a lot more to give. You look at a player like Matty and you think, how can he play and score the way he does, he's just so resilient. If he ever loses the ball in the middle of the park, he'll pull all the stops out to win it back, because GFC means so much to him. He's one of the originals of course, so it means more to him than it maybe could for someone like Ben Solway who has just come in, whereas Matt has been around since the start and he knows what it all means to be a Guernsey FC player.

Tom Dodds has been involved for a while and all being well he could end the season as the sixth highest appearance holder, which is incredible when he's still at such a young age. It proves how influential he is as a player to be reaching this level of appearances even though he has had some time out with injuries, and of course Covid.

What many people won't be aware of is the fact that I've known Dave Merris since I was a very young age, in fact so young that I can't even remember how old I was! When he got the opportunity to come over to Guernsey for a job, I knew of course that he was interested in football because he had played at a very high level, and he's the reason really that I got involved with coaching at Bels. When he came to GFC I started coming to watch them a bit more often, and felt an even stronger connection with the club because there was now someone that I knew well here. I'll always be appreciative to Mezz for the way he's helped me to get so many opportunities, especially now seeing how well it has all been working out. I'm looking forward to lots more involvement ahead.

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