Our Mission, Aims and Ethos

Equity and Opportunity : High Expectations : Developing Others

All (100%) students will leave La Mare de Carteret High School with the Knowledge, Skills and Experiences that will enable them to progress on to their next phase in Education, Employment or Training. This will ensure that our students make a positive contribution to their school and the wider community.

Our ethos as a school is to ensure that everyone is given the opportunity to develop their individual talents and aptitudes within and beyond the classroom. High quality teaching and learning is at the core of our ethos and it is delivered by dedicated, professional, specialist teachers. We believe that our students have the right to expect the highest quality of education. La Mare de Carteret High is a vibrant, caring and supportive community that equips students with the best possible preparation to succeed in the future. As a result our students take advantage of opportunities to study, have new experiences, develop new skills, form lasting friendships and achieve academic success and healthy wellbeing. We expect our students to experience leadership skills, resilience and to develop the character skills for life beyond and after their time at La Mare De Carteret High.

The core values are to:

  • Pursue academic excellence
  • Celebrate achievement and participation
  • Guide and nurture individual development
  • Appreciate cultural diversity
  • Promote human rights and responsibilities
  • Cherish the community and the environment
  • Promote spiritual, moral and ethical values
  • Promote loyalty, pride, spirit, belonging and caring

School Aims

At La Mare De Carteret High we aim to foster young people who are confident, honest, respectful individuals who have a genuine love of learning who make a positive contribution to their local community. Engaging, exciting and relevant lessons in a wide range of subjects means that learning is a pleasure and school becomes an experience to enjoy.


La Mare De Carteret is an inclusive school that aims to meet the needs of every student. Supporting them in fulfilling their ambitions and reaching their individual potential, regardless of background, special needs or vulnerabilities (disabilities).

Personal Development

La Mare De Carteret High recognises and nurtures each student as a unique person.  We are dedicated to developing in our students the qualities and skills necessary to become safe, healthy, confident, self-motivated and independent individuals prepared for the responsibilities of adult life and their own economic well-being.

We prepare students to play an active role in their community and the wider World as responsible citizens and leaders.

Tolerance and Awareness

La Mare De Carteret High actively promotes respect and tolerance as well as environmental and social awareness.  We encourage our students to make a positive contribution and become committed and valued members of our school and, by supporting internationalism and inter-culturalism, responsible citizens of the world.

Embedding Technologies

La Mare De Carteret High recognises that digital literacy is essential in preparing all our students to participate in the rapidly changing world in which we learn, work and play. Through embedding technologies we wish to personalise students learning, increase engagement and expand their tools to enable independent and life-long learning.  We aim to develop a learning community where all our members are empowered by technology and are able to make informed judgments about when and where to use it to best effect.