School Committee

La Mare De Carteret High School Committee

La Mare De Carteret High School Committee is enclosed in the Education (Schools Committees) (Guernsey) Ordinance, 1970. Although some of its responsibilities are now undertaken by the Education Services it remains a very essential part of the monitoring of the school.
Its main functions presently are to support how well the school is being conducted. This can cover any aspect of school life, from the conduct and discipline of the school and how the curriculum is being delivered to the maintenance of the buildings and furniture and equipment. Although this is a duty under the Law it does not give members of the school committee powers to take any action other than to report the matter on to the ESC and to request the Board to take action.
The School Committee consists of representatives of those Parishes who have students attending the school. School Committee members are elected by each Parish for a term of three years. The following are current members of the School Committee:

Name Association Parish
Mrs. M. Boden-Heaume President School Committee Forest
Ms. D. Dudley Owen School Committee Vale
Mr. T R. Langlois School Committee St Pierre Du Bois
Mr. P. Le Pelley School Committee St. Sampson
Ms. J. May School Committee Castel
Mrs. J. Ridley School Committee Torteval
Mrs. J. Tasker Secretary School Committee St. Peter Port
Mrs. T. Trebert School Committee St. Saviour
Dep. S. Haskins ESC Representative ESC Rep
Mr . M. Ramsay School Committee Head of School

The School Committee meets at least once a school term and maintains contact with the Principal and members of the senior staff also with the ESC. During the school year the Committee inspects both the interior and exterior of the school building and makes recommendations to the Board for repairs and upgrades. Members of the School Committee attend various school events.